Sell for Cash Now to Buy Now


Become a Home Cash Buyer on Steroids


Have you thought about the challenges of purchasing a home in a low inventory competitive market?

Do you need to sell your home first before buying your dream home?

You are well qualified and have a loan but how do you waive the financing contingency when making an offer to buy a home?

Cash buyers are able to provide more competitive offers as there is no loan contingency to deal with.

There is a trade-in program available for your home.  Where you would receive a competitive cash offer for your home at today’s fair value.  Then use the cash to buy your new home.  But it gets better!  We will sell your old home with any profits going back to you!

All this and more are possible.  There are all kinds of iBuyers out there buying homes for cash.  How do you know which one is the best for your situation?  Contact Rick Mauch to discuss your options.  As your Realtor, I always represent your best interests. The sellers, sellers agents, and iBuyers do not represent you. They represent themself or their client.