Keller Williams has partnered with Divvy to offer a new take on the Rent-to-Own model.


Offering people an alternative path to their dream home today.



A new take on rent-to-own, making homeownership accessible to everyone.  Rent your dream home while Divvy helps you save for a down payment.  Buy the home from Divvy whenever you’re ready, or walk away and cash out your savings.


Have you considered a Rent-To-Own home in Phoenix?  Here are some reasons why Rent to Own may work for you:

1) Working on your credit score?  You have more options than you think!  Life happens and not everyone is ready for a mortgage.  Divvy is here to help.  Learn how to jumpstart your way to homeownership today!

2) New to the area? Try before you buy!  Get to know your neighborhood before you commit to a mortgage.  Divvy helps get you into your dream home now and save for a down payment!

3) Mortgages are not the only answer!  Find your way home with Divvy.  Rent now and buy later.

4) Found a great home in a great neighborhood but aren’t mortgage-ready?  Divvy lets you move into the house you want and helps you save to become a homeowner.

5) Finding the right home can be challenging.  Don’t settle!  Use Divvy to find the house of your dreams.  If you love it, you can buy it!

6) No buyer’s remorse!  Divvy gives you the flexibility to find the home of your choice.

7) Saving for a down payment is difficult.  Divvy helps you get on track to become a homeowner.  Find a home you love, save every month, and buy when you’re ready. It’s easy and free to apply.

8) Rent, save, then buy your dream home!  It’s that easy with Divvy.

9) Divvy is making homeownership accessible to everyone!  Rent and build wealth in your forever-home, while you prepare to buy.

10) Rent-to-own is not a myth!  Turn your rental payment into a down payment with Divvy and make homeownership a reality.



Here’s how the Divvy program works



1. Apply to Divvy—it’s fast, free, and won’t affect your credit score.  Once you’re approved, you’ll be given a home budget and you’ll be ready to go shopping!

2. Shop for homes, find the one that works for your family, and Divvy will buy it for you.  The Divvy program works with most homes on the market.

3. Rent your home from Divvy while you save up to buy it.  About 25% of your monthly payment will go towards home savings—money you’ll use for your down payment when you buy the home back from Divvy.

4. Buy your home, or walk away and cash out your savings.

Ready to get started?  Apply and start your journey to homeownership with Divvy.





Divvy qualifications:
– Minimum 550 FICO
– Minimum $2,500 monthly income – can be from 2 co-applicants
– Continuously employed for at least 3 months
– Proof of $2,000 in the bank (Clients must put 1-2% down at move-in)
– No bankruptcy or eviction in the past 12 months
– DTI of up to 50%





1) Apply in minutes!

It’s free, fast, and won’t impact your credit score.  Once you qualify, receive a home budget and start shopping


2) Choose your dream home

Don’t settle for less.  With Divvy, you get to pick the home, and Divvy will buy it for you.


3) Rent while you prepare to buy

You’re not in this alone.  Rent the home from Divvy and build your savings while we help you get mortgage-ready.


Serving the entire Phoenix metropolitan area.  Contact us to get started!