For Californians fleeing the high-priced Golden State, Phoenix is a popular — more affordable — landing spot.


With continually rising housing prices, residents of the Golden State are waking up from their California dreamin’ and looking to move somewhere more affordable.

It’s no surprise Phoenix is one of the top destinations, according to a recent report from real estate website Trulia, which analyzed users from San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles and San Diego where homes on the market averaged $720,000 in March 2017. That compared with a national average of $250,000.


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Phoenix was the No. 3 top market for outgoing Californians, attracting 7 percent, according to Trulia. Phoenix was behind New York City (7.3 percent) and Las Vegas (8.1 percent).

The median listing price for a home in Phoenix in March 2017 was $279,000, according to Trulia.

Phoenix long has been touted as a more affordable alternative to pricey California markets, not only for housing but for businesses. The Valley has landed a number of regional offices and operations from California-based companies in recent years.


Source: Phoenix a top moving spot for Californians – Phoenix Business Journal