What makes a motivated Seller?  In essence, a motivated seller is a person who wants to sell his or her home as quickly as possible, and may be less concerned on getting the full value of the property.  There can be many reasons to make a seller motivated.  The situation may be an emergency and they need the cash.  Or there is some other urgent need such as a job transfer, separation, divorce, or family is expecting a baby.

For these and other reasons, you as a buyer might be able to get a great deal on a property through a motivated seller.

If you happen to be a motivated seller and are looking to sell quickly.  I invite you to inquire about the Keller Williams Cash Offer program.  Our Cash Offer Program has created a new model for selling a home that keeps the real estate professional at the center of the iBuying process.  You do not have to choose between the iBuyer offer and representation by a trusted, experienced, Keller Williams Agent.  We can guide you through all of the home selling options available.

This list of homes is updated daily.  Look around.  Then contact us for more information.  We want to help with all of your real estate needs.