Homes in Scottsdale for sale considered ideal for VRBO use.  Listed below are single family homes available in Scottsdale.  With a private pool and NO HOA.  Scottsdale is a great location for a VRBO rental investment as the area is known to attract many travelers and tourists.

Why are homes for VRBO and Airbnb so popular?  The Phoenix and Scottsdale area is a popular area for people looking for a weekend getaway full of mountain biking, golf, and hiking. And while cities across the country are creating tighter rules and outlawing short term rentals altogether, Arizona has gone in the other direction—it signed a law in 2016 that prevents cities in the state from banning short-term rentals. That legal protection combined with vacation rental demand makes Scottsdale the perfect place for investors.

The City of Scottsdale defines Vacation rentals or Short term rentals as dwelling units offered for a rental term of less than 30 days to transient guests. They are considered the same as traditional dwelling units and are allowed by-right in all residential districts, subject to the following:

  • All Dwelling units and any accessory guest houses must be rented or offered for rent together, and may not be rented or offered for rent independently.
  • All Dwelling units, including Vacation Rentals and Short term rentals shall have a maximum family size of 6 adults (and their related dependent children).
  • Non-residential uses, including retail, restaurant, banquet space, event center, bed & breakfast, or other similar use is prohibited.
  • All Vacation Rentals and Short term rentals have a Transaction Privilege Sales Tax and a Transient Tax liability. A Transaction Privilege Sales Tax license with the State of Arizona Department of Revenue is required. Be sure to list Scottsdale (SC) as a region code on your license. Please visit www.aztaxes.govlinks to external site to register.
  • All rental units, including vacation and short term rentals, shall be registered with Maricopa Countylinks to external site, in accordance with ARS 33-1902links to external site.
  • The owner of a vacation rental shall provide to the City of Scottsdale the name and contact information of a person designated as an emergency contact, as well as contact information for owner or owner’s designed for responding to complaints.


Here is a link to the City of Scottsdale page Vacation Rentals & Short Term Rentals

Here is a link to a Map of All Short-Term Rentals Registered with the City of Scottsdale


Investment Homes for VRBO

There are several other cities in the valley of the sun with homes for VRBO available for sale.  There are also communities where HOAs allow short term vacation rentals.  Many other HOAs are friendly toward owners of AirBNB and VRBO vacation rentals.

You don’t have to buy a picture perfect home when investing in a vacation rental property as long as the home / yard has potential!  Look for the hidden gems!  Small and affordable changes make a huge difference!



Should you invest in a vacation rental?

Yes – vacation rentals can be a smart choice If you’re looking for an investment that’s becoming increasingly popular and comes with great ROI potential.


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