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1.       Sick and Tired of Dealing with Tenants?

2.       Being overcharged by Handymen, Plumbers, and Electricians?

3.       Current Property Management Company Not Keeping your Properties Full?

As a rental property owner aren’t the above three questions your major source of aggravation and lost income?

Typically, it takes us 2 to 4 weeks to rent your house or condo to a fully qualified tenant. If a property does not rent in one month there is a problem. I have never found an exception. J and F Associates answers all 3 questions in a surprising manner just below…

Five things we do as your Property Manager that saves you money and drives our competition crazy!

1.       You are Never Charged Set-up Fees

Would you believe that most Scottsdale property management companies charge $250-$400 simply to set up your rental property in their system? I don’t care what kind of property management software a company is using, it only takes 5 minutes to put your property in the computer. We are not going to charge you for this.

2.       You Do NOT pay us if Your Rental Property is Vacant

This one isn’t as common but I know half a dozen management companies that actually charge you money when the house is not rented.  We get paid when the property is rented, and you are making money and not before.

3.       If Your Rental Doesn’t Rent Within 2 weeks, We Take Additional Steps Immediately

There are all kinds of reasons why a property remains vacant. If the rental doesn’t rent in 1 month, there is at least one thing wrong that must be fixed.  I have never found an exception.

Perhaps the rent is a bit too high or the property wasn’t as clean as we were led to believe. Sometimes, something goes wrong in or outside the rental after we turn it.

At the two week mark of the rental process, J and F Associates starts interviewing prospective tenants to find out why they didn’t like the rental property. This feedback is immensely valuable. If we constantly hear the rent is too high than we can talk with you and make an adjustment. Or perhaps, we are not getting any calls whatsoever which often means the same thing.

Sometimes, the house just needs to be re-cleaned and perhaps one or two things need to be fixed. For instance, we had a house that sat vacant for several weeks and we drove out to look at it again. It turned out that because of a hard rain, the roof started leaking and there was a very large wet spot in the ceiling.

4.       We are experienced Real Estate Investors and not just looking to sell your home

We understand that the buck stops with us and creative solutions and flexibility are essential to get your place rented. Therefore, we have created dozens of ways to develop prospects for your rental property that have been tried and tested on our own rental properties.

For example, did you know that your best referral sources for a new tenant are people who live in a 10 block radius of your house? The typical rental sign by another property management company states, “For Rent” and a phone number.

We have learned that by including the number of bedrooms and baths, rent amount, deposit amount, and highlights about what is great about the house that 4 times as many people call on the sign in the yard.

Now, people in the neighborhood know exactly what type of rental you have available and at what price. This makes it very easy for them to pick-up the phone and call their friend whom happens to be looking for this type of 3bed/2 bath or 2bed/1 bath. It makes sense when you think about, doesn’t it?

We have found dozens of these types of techniques that greatly increase how fast we rent a home or greatly decrease the cost of maintenance.

5.       We actually have a bunch of our own rental properties!

Therefore we have a vested interest to get off our butts and negotiate the best rates for you for electricians, AC Repair guys, plumbers, roofers, etc. This is a total win/win. We get better rates because these repairmen work not only on our rental properties but several hundred other properties owned by clients like yourself. This means volume discounts.

Sure other Scottsdale property management companies can negotiate low rates with vendors as well. What incentive do they have to make sure those rates stay low? We have got to meet our mortgage payments on our rental properties just like you. Believe me, we pay extremely close attention to costs.

Make the smart move now — call J and F Associates Property Management in Scottsdale at 480-221-3149, or fill out the contact form, and discover how property management can be a worthwhile yet highly affordable investment for your Scottsdale real estate investment.

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Rick Mauch

J and F Associates also provides a vacant inspection service for property owners who do not want to rent out their home. We look after the property while the owner is away. Peace of mind while you are away is our primary goal. Services include:

  • Pick up accumulated newspapers and flyers
  • Check water faucets and hoses for leaks
  • Check for roof leaks after storms
  • Supervise regular maintenance, such as pool and yard services
  • Check air conditioner and/or heater
  • Check door locks
  • Water plants
  • Inform you of anything that needs immediate attention